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Create Your Own Dream Water Garden!

Design it...create it...and enjoy it! At Essex Feed Warehouse, we have everything you need to customize your next pond project. Choose from our large selection of pond equipment to help you construct the pond of your dreams. We stock all of the necessary pond supplies for a cleaner, healthier pond environment.

Let our knowledgeable staff help you get started or provide assistance with any problems you encounter along the way.

Bring Beauty to your Backyard

Bring beauty and personality to your backyard pond. Create cascading waterfalls; select beautiful aquatic plants; add a variety of interesting and very colourful pond fish; include pond lights, power jets & more...all available at Essex Feed Warehouse. We have a large selection of pond accessories, landscaping rocks, pond plants and fish for all of your water garden needs.

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Add Beautiful Aquatic Plants and Colourful Pond Fish