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Small Animals
Pocket Pets
Warm Fuzzies

Small animals have become popular pets and at the Essex Feed Warehouse, we supply a great selection of "pocket pets" and "warm fuzzies" as they are otherwise known. We buy most of our small critters locally to provide you with a healthy and well socialized pet. Don't have one yet? Let us help you select the best pet for you and your family. Choose from rabbits, gerbils, hamsters, domestic ducklings, chicks and more. Many of these small species can be very affectionate and enjoyable pets for years when well cared for.

Come to the Essex Feed Warehouse for all of your Small Pet Supplies and $$ave!
We provide everything you need for the care and feeding of your favorite furry friend. Our discount pet supplies feature a wide assortment of quality pet products from basic cages to specialized 'habitats'; feeding equipment; food; bedding; toys; treats; and more. Come to us for all your small pet supplies and save!